Welcome to Notic

Welcome to Notic. We are a small team of two working on solving a problem of meeting notes.

After taking notes in meetings for over two decades, I have found what works well and what doesn’t. When done correctly, meeting notes can be a valuable resource, but when not handled correctly, they can end up stored in some folder or software, never to be looked at again.

We are designing Notic to tackle the challenge of taking notes in meetings. Whether you are taking notes in meetings or making formal minutes, Notic will simplify the process of taking notes and make them usable after they are taken—more details to follow on this. I think you’ll like what we have planned.

The Notic Meet product is still in early development stages. We are building in public and aim to regularly share progress. When the product has enough features, it will be launched in beta.

The aim is first to get the web app up and running. After the basic features have been developed, the emphasis will switch to mobile. At first, we will likely use .Net MAUI to build the app on both iOS and Android devices, but at some point, there will be both an iPad and iPhone app that is native. Android may follow, although this might need to be outsourced at some point as our skills mostly fall to Swift/SwiftUI and C#.

Please follow along this journey as we build Notic Meet.