Native iPhone, iPad, Mac App

I mentioned in the first post here that the intention was to build Notic Meet as a .NET MAUI app, but given my background in iOS app development, I’ve decided to build native from the start and then branch out to the web app.

The backend is in good shape, with just a few things missing, such as caching, but overall, it’s getting there, although the backend won’t be used directly by the native app until the web app is up and running.

The native app for Apple devices will be built with SwiftUI. Although I have plenty of experience building apps with Objective-C and Swift, I have yet to release an app using SwiftUI, so this will be my first. It is being built as a Multiplatform app, meaning it will work on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The storage for the native app will be iCloud so that data can transfer seamlessly between devices.

When we expand to the web and Android, a technical decision will be made on how to keep those in sync. I do not know yet if CloudKit will be used for the web, or if an alternate solution will be found.

Either way, I expect an MVP within a few months, as I currently work full-time on development of it.

I will post updates regularly about the progress and hopefully have some screenshots available within the next few weeks.